Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 4 of Honoring Moms Week

Congratulations Denise! Winner of a complementary copy of Pearl in the Sand by Tessa Afshar, recently named "New author of the Year" in the 2011 Readers Choice Awards sponsored by Family Fiction.

Today's question, what are the three things you admire most about your mother?

Post your thoughts and enter to win a free copy of The Mission Mom by Helen Lee.


  1. Three things I admire most about my mom is...

    1. She's always been a hard worker which instilled excellent work ethics in my also.

    2. She knows how to use tough love when needed to make me grow as a person. I was a teen mom and my mom didn't make it easy to just drop my child off. My mom was young also (40) and she still worked full-time. She only babysat on special occasions and therefore taught me to be a good mom and always there for my sons.

    3. She's there for my sons as I live in another state so the compassion, understanding, strength and just being there she was for me....she's now for my adult sons.

    I am thankful I come from some great stock!! My grandma is still living and in November will be 99. Still lives alone and takes care of herself. What a great legacy I have to follow in!

  2. Shannon, your grandma is 99?! WOW, you do come from great stock.

  3. This Mothers Day will be difficult for me. I lost my precious mom Sept 16,2011. She was my best friend as well as my mom. I miss her so very much, but I know she has joined my dad in Heaven with the Lord.
    My mom always worked hard all her life.
    She thought of everyone else instead of herself. She loved yard sales, and would go each week looking for things for everyone else except herself. She would buy things for all of her family instead of herself. She was always giving.
    She never 'preached' to anyone about the Lord, but lived it around everyone. Even on her last night with us, she was encouraging us that she would be with her Lord before morning.

  4. splashesofjoy...

    I haven't been on the computer much but did see your post and wanted you to know that I keep you in my prayers. I can't imagine losing my mom. I lost my dad two weeks before high school graduation. I somewhat know how you feel but not completely. Continuing to keep you in my prayers.


    ps...Holly yes Grandma will be 99 in November! Her mother lived to be 102 or 103!


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