Friday, December 3, 2010

140 Character Narratives

I am one of those people that has begrudgingly accepted new forms of literature in technology, despite the fact that I belong to digitally literate "Generation Y".  I've resisted and gradually come to peace with the e-book, online newspapers, and Twitter. 

Twitter originally bothered me as a "short-cut" to both creativity and communication, I thought it used words in a utilitarian way more than a literary way.  But since I've learned that Twitter is what you make it: it can either be idle noise, or it can be an exercise of condensed creativity.  It can be either frivolous or meaningful, and you as the writer decide.

One of my favorite projects on Twitter is Creative Nonfiction's "Tiny Truths" contest; a daily competition that challengers tweeters to tell a story in 140 characters of less. Like a Haiku, it displays the twin talent of being both succint and significant. Read the best of Tiny Truths here and tell me what you think!

Here's a teaser!

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  1. you might also check out who tweeted out an entire short story over 3 days every 10 minutes eight hours a day. Got a bunch of press when they did it and 150k twitter followers, more than any publisher in the world.


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